Weighted Walking Exercise

Weighted Walking Exercise

Weighted Walking Exercise

Weighted Walking Exercise To Burn Calories

Many people consider walking to be an ideal exercise. It burns calories, relaxes the mind, and promotes health. Some experts report that it may not be vigorous enough to produce the effects one is looking for, but if you use weighted walking exercise to burn calories,  it may make a difference.

How To Perform Weighted Walking Exercise

Weighted walking  exercise may be another way of increasing the caloric burn and improve muscle tone that can produce a person’s fitness. With weighted walking exercise, a person carries or straps on weights to intensify the effort. When using weights there may be a risk of injury to your bones, joints and ligaments. Proper precautions can reduce the risk and keep you moving. You control the intensity of weighted walking exercise by how much you move your hands. Holding the weight at your sided does little. Focus on walking with your natural motion and bend your elbows and pump you arms, bringing the weights from thigh level to eye level with each step.

Precautions For Weighted Walking Exercise

When performing weighted walking exercise with hand weights and using repetitive pumping action it may stress the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. To reduce the potential for an overuse injury use a variety of movements during your workout. Consider using hand weights one day, ankle weights the next day, no weight the next day and then repeat the cycle. When performing weighted walking exercise, work into it slowly in the beginning until your body adjusts. While increasing your speed, keep the stride length constant while you increase your pace. Avoid swinging the hand weights carelessly while walking and focus on being consistent. Momentum of any kind can stress the shoulder and elbow and result in injury. If joint pain develops try carrying a shoelace for emergencies. Tie one end to each weight and slip the lace yoke-like on your shoulders to support the weights on your return. Remember to use caution when starting a program of  weighted walking exercise and gradually work into your program.

this article on weighted walking exercise is informational and not to be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition

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