TMJ Symptoms and Causes

TMJ Symptoms and Causes -“jaw joint disorder” the TMJ or TMD – Cervical connection?

When considering TMJ symptoms and causes or temporomandibular jointsyndrome, one must ask the question, what is the connection between the jaw and the neck?

TMJ Symptoms and Causes

TMJ Symptoms and Causes

One of the most important diagnostic considerations facing doctors who consider treatment of  TMJ symptoms and causes of the cranio-facial dysfunction patients is the differential diagnosis between temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and cervical dysfunction. In order to effectively diagnose and treat dysfunction joint patients we need to understand how the cervical spine influences the temporomandibular apparatus and how the jaw affects the neck. Successful treatment of these patients usually means that a multidisciplinary approach must be employed. Diagnosing TMD/Cervical dysfunction must include knowledge of the mechanics, blood supply and neurologic systems of the head and neck. To successfully evaluate TMJ symptoms and causes, suggests the need for an examination of the anatomy involving the neck and TMJ. Options for TMJ Pain Relief North Phoenix.

Temporomandibular Disorders Symptoms – TMJ Symptoms and Causes 

Dr. Stephen D. Smith, doctor of dental medicine, states: An assessment of the cervical pain and headache is basic to manual manipulative medicine, musculoskeletal evaluation and/or chiropractic medicine and physical therapy assessments. Palpatory examination offers both objective as well as subjective aspects of information on the patient related to pain and potential referral patterns in the head region. Cervical range of motion is also essential, particularly in establishing a baseline at initial evaluation concerning fixation of vertebrae, muscle spasm areas of somatic contracture and other neck related patterns, all of which can affect the jaw muscles an TMJ apparatus when evaluating TMJ symptoms and causes.”

In evaluating TMJ symptoms and causes it has been shown that previous injuries such as “whiplash” and related neck trauma can play a role in the development if TMD, headaches, myofascial neck pain and arthritis of the TMJ. When looking at the sequence of effects of neck trauma on TMJ causes and symptoms it starts with spasms of the neck muscles causing a posterior head movement that creates a reflex mechanism that may lead to inferior and posterior movement of the jaw. This in turn may cause altered occlusal contact and muscle bracing leading to TMJ dysfunction and pain. Other events such as clenching related to stress may precipitate TMD pain.

When considering your approach to TMD treatment of jaw disorders consider working with a doctor that has the experience and multidisciplinary approach to help your pain and dysfunction. Paradise Village Chiropractic Center is a North Phoenix and North Scottsdale Chiropractic Clinic that has an alternative healthcare practitioner that uses acupuncture as well as other modalities including ultra sound, interferential current, laser therapy, spray and stretch and exercises for jaw disorders related to the treatment of TMJ. For advice on how Dr. Carmachel can treat your condition please call for an appointment. Learn more about TMJ symptoms and causes.

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