1.”I have been a patient of Dr. Berg for more than 5 years.  I moved to Phoenix 7 years ago from upstate New York primarily for health reasons. You see, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 28 years ago.  During that time I have had some remitting/relapsing attacks that slowly left me with lingering disabilities such as leg strength, equilibrium issues, and overall strength in my extremities.  My neurologist had tried the latest new procedures but still the disease was progressing.  By chance I had gone to see Dr. Berg for some flaring back issues and talked to him about my MS situation.  He told me that he also practiced acupuncture and had treated patients with similar disabilities.  I figured that I had nothing to lose and started at that time with weekly acupuncture treatments.  Almost immediately I had positive results.  In fact my leg strength returned to a level where I was able to bowl in a league again and even had enough strength to start a workout regimen.  I am now on a once a month maintenance acupuncture treatment and not only am I bowling but golfing every weekend as well.  I would highly recommend acupuncture treatments with Dr. Berg.  Not only as a treatment for MS but for many other ailments.  Billions of Chinese can’t be all wrong; they have been practicing these remedies for centuries.  Give Dr. Berg a call today.

Rocco Zingaro”


2. Dr. Russell Berg –“A Testament to who and what a doctor should be”

From my perspective as a surgical specialist there is nothing more personally satisfying, intellectually comforting, nor professionally reassuring than to refer my patients to Dr. Russell Berg for his consultation and care. At the risk of being seen as self endorsing, it is commonly known in the medical community that ‘good doctors’ refer to ‘good doctors’. The reason; good doctors who are good people, share a value system that recognizes their patient’s emotional well being and health-care outcome as primary.

For the thirty years that I have professionally known and shared patients with Dr. Berg, he has provided the peace of mind that my patients were in the very best of hands. Our practices shared a common focus on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of head and neck pain. Dr. Berg possesses the unique ability to both ‘listen’ and ‘hear’ what his patients are relating to him. His calm and even endearing demeanor serves to provide his patients with a feeling of safety and confidence by transforming a clinical situation into an interpersonal interaction.

Dr. Berg’s desire to elevate his medical practice above the accepted ‘standard’ of care is exemplified by the fund of knowledge he possesses. His academic drive and search for excellence in his practice is validated through his attainment of multiple post doctoral certifications in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Clinical Acupuncture, just to name a few that come to mind. His diverse skill set has augmented his clinical proficiency and contributed to his overwhelming success as an accurate diagnostician and provider of meaningful remedies.

Aside from his professional accomplishments and medical contributions, what makes Dr. Berg such a special person is his unconditional commitment to his patients, family, and community. Despite the rigors of his professional life, he has never allowed his personal relationships to suffer. He has passed up many an invitation to exercise or fish with his friends to be with his family. My admiration for his personal values has never let me feel disgruntled by his response to such invitations with “Sorry, I have to coach my son’s baseball team this weekend”. You get the message.

I certainly ‘got’ the message and tremendously value having Russell Berg as a friend, colleague, and inspiration.

With kind regards,

Michael S. Apfel, D.D.S., M.S., Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon


3. For over 25 years Dr. Berg has helped me maintain the highest level of peak performance being an athlete. As a playing professional, instructor and trainer of numerous conditioning classes the wear and tear and injuries on my body have been beyond the norm. Manual adjustments, acupuncture, ultrasound therapies, kinesio taping, nutrition and needed supplements are a few if the protocol used in my treatments. Dr. Berg’s vast knowledge and keen ability to correctly assess the physical issue coupled with a varied array of techniques place him in a category above the rest and are paramount in a most speedy recovery and in return to the high level of efficiency.

Judith Roer, LPGA Teaching Professional


4. I have many times called Dr. Berg a miracle worker. The first time I saw him was over thirty years ago when I hurt my back while weightlifting. The pain was excruciating. If I would have used conventional medicine, the treatments would included muscle relaxers, pain killers and eventually surgery. As a Phoenix Firefighter for over 28 years, my job is contingent upon me being able to perform physically at a high level. Dr. Berg was not only able to restore me to full functional health, but able to help me excel as a multi-sport athlete throughout my life. During my firefighting career, I have sustained many serious injuries in the line of duty. Dr. Berg has helped me rehab them using a wide variety of treatments both conventional and unconventional, including acupuncture and kinisio-tape. I’m scared to think where I would be today if it were not for Dr. Berg. Because of his care, I am still able to work on a fire truck and compete athletically at 52 years of age. His knowledge, treatment, care and compassion are unsurpassed. I cannot say enough good things about him or recommend him more highly. Thank you Dr. Russ Berg for being a great blessing in my life!

Tim Clemit Phoenix Firefighter


5. Thanks to doctors like you, people like me can become champions. You were always there when needed fixing! I couldn’t have won these titles with the old back I had.

Thanks again,

Glenn Knerr,

Mr. World,  Mr. America


6. There are options to back surgery! “My first appointment with Dr. Berg was for my consultation. When I entered his office an x-ray was displayed on the viewer in the office. I commented that the spine shown looked like it was really messed up…it was mine! The spine was such that I couldn’t stand up long enough for him to take the x-ray but was finally able to. After aggressive treatment, now monthly maintenance therapy, and an exercise program he gave me not only can I stand up for long periods but I have regained at least 80%+ of mobility in my lower spine and neck. In addition there has been an almost complete reduction in what was intense pain. If Dr. Berg helped me, I’m sure he can help anyone!”

Dan Lazear

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