Tendonitis Elbow Pain

Evaluating and Managing Tendonitis Elbow Pain (Tennis Elbow)

Tendonitis Elbow Pain

Tendonitis Elbow Pain

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Tendonitis elbow pain or tennis elbow, is the most common overuse injury of the elbow. It occurs with activities that require repetitive gripping and lifting. Not only is this affected by the racket sports, but jobs that require repeated wrist flexion such as carpentry, carrying heavy briefcases or even computer work. 
As a north phoenix chiropractor evaluating and managing tendonitis elbow pain or tennis elbow starts with the physical exam. Examination usually reveals tenderness or painful palpation around the outside aspect of the elbow. Resisted extension of the wrist or the middle finger usually reproduces the elbow pain.

Choosing a Conservative Treatment forTendonitis Elbow Pain

Managing tendonitis elbow pain, as a north Phoenix chriorpactor, begins with rest and avoidance of any activities that lead to pain. Activities should be avoided for as long as acute pain persists or until demanding activities become tolerable.  Natural remedies for tennis elbow pain start with ice, rest, and therapies to reduce inflammation. Rehabilitation of tendonitis elbow pain should be started as soon as possible, beginning with a stretching program while the tissues are healing. Once a relatively pain-free range of motion has been initiated, a strengthening program should be considered. Managing tendonitis elbow pain usually includes conservative forms of treatment including interferential current, ultrasound, galvanic stimulation, acupuncture, laser, and kinesio taping. Counterforce bracing, using a tennis elbow support band, reduces the tension at the attachment of the extensor tendons providing stress relief.

Tennis Elbow Tips for Your Tendonitis Elbow Pain

When looking for natural remedies for tendonitis elbow pain consider equipment modifications.   If you want to continue participating in racket sports, the following equipment modifications may be helpful:
Use a larger head on the racket, which causes fewer off-center hits.
Use a graphite frame, which helps decrease vibration and dampens the impact to the elbow
String the tension 2-3 pounds lower than the manufacturer recommends, which also helps decrease impact forces
If possible play on slower surfaces such as grass or clay, which absorb impact forces
Choose the correct handle size:
Measure from the tip of the ring finger along the thumb side to the crease across the palm closest to the wrist. If the measured distance is larger than the circumference of the handle, the handle is too large. If the handle size is too small, this will increase the stress to the elbow.

this article on tendonitis elbow pain is informational and not to be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition

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