Plantar Fasciitis Inflammation

Plantar Fasciitis Inflammation

Plantar Fasciitis Inflammation

Conservative Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis Inflammation

Plantar fasciitis inflammation is a degenerative condition affecting many active people. Anatomic and biomechanical factors can contribute to its origin, as can overuse. Patients often report severe heel pain upon weight bearing. Plantar fasciitis inflammation pain is typically worse in the morning with the first steps, possibly because the foot assumes a contracted position during sleep. Some patients may notice improvement with activity. Stretching with weight bearing causes increased pain. When treating plantar fasciitis inflammation physicians may recommend correcting gait disorders, modifying footwear, using tension night splints, and stretching tight calf and plantar tissues to bring about lasting relief. Sometimes a patient may receive cortisone injections as part of their treatment, but corticosteroid injections carry significant risks including fat pad atrophy ad plantar fascia rupture. One study found that the rate of rupture to be almost 10% after receiving cortisone injections for plantar fasciitis inflammaiton.

Considerations for Plantar Fasciitis Inflammation

An important consideration in conservative treatment of plantar fasiciitis inflammaiton is through chiropractic care using acupuncture and active/passive modalities to relieve inflammation, restore normal mechanics and improve the elasticity of the plantar fascia. An astute clinician must also consider lumbar nerve impingement in any patient who has chronic foot pain.

The conservative management of plantar fasciitis inflammation may be effectively implemented through the use of specific chiropractic adjusting procedures in patients with a posterior heel subluxation. This in combination of stretching the plantar fascia can help in correcting plantar fasciitis inflammation. There are several devices used to help patients stretch the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia, including a rocker-bottom foot stretcher. Foot stretches for plantar fasciitis inflammation and specific exercises are also needed. In my office acupuncture  for plantar fasciitis has been shown to help in the healing affect reducing plantar fasciitis inflammation and improving the flexibility within the normal gait. Kinesio tape has also been used to improve and heal the symptoms of plantar fasciitis inflammation. Kinesio taping is described as an application that is used for lymphatic/edema correction, ligament/tendon correction, mechanical correction, functional correction, fascia correction and space correction concepts developed by Kenzo Kase D.C.

Many patients benefit from the correct foot orhtoses to provide full and dynamic arch support when treating plantar fasciitis inflammaion. When casting a patient for foot orthotics the flexibility, weight of the patient and individual activities need to be considered. We are a certified Sole Supports Practitioner and they have been shown to be superior in peer reviewed literature.

Dr. Carmachel will offer professional advice given to help you recuperate from plantar fasciitis inflammation so you may resume your normal activities as soon as possible. Treatments are gentle, safe, natural, noninvasive and highly effective. Also, the treatments are designed to correct the root cause of your problem and not simply cover up the symptoms you experience.

this article on Plantar Fasciitis Inflammation is informational and not to be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition

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