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Phoenix Chiropractor

How do I find a Good Phoenix Chiropractor?

I bet everyone you know has a story about a chiropractor, some good and some bad. So how can you sift through all the hype about a certain phoenix chiropractor to find one who is going to give you the treatment you need? Many phoenix chiropractors have very different treatment styles. This article will give you an idea of why our patients have chosen us and our type of care over another phoenix chiropractor. First, we work well and co-managed your case with your medical doctor if needed. Please read the following from one of our referring doctors: Rated the best phoenix chiropractor by American Chronicle!
“From my perspective as a surgical specialist there is nothing more personally satisfying, intellectually comforting, nor professionally reassuring than to refer my patients to Dr. Russell Berg for his consultation and care. At the risk of being seen as self endorsing, it is commonly known in the medical community that ‘good doctors’ refer to ‘good doctors’. The reason; good doctors who are good people, share a value system that recognizes their patient’s emotional well being and health-care outcome as primary.”  Phoennix chiropractor was rated the best in the U.S!
Michael S. Apfel, D.D.S., M.S., Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Why Choose Dr. Berg as your Phoenix Chiropractor?

As a Phoenix Chiropractor Dr. Berg had the unique opportunity to experience hospital staff privileges at Scottsdale Community Hospital and was involved in a pain group at St. Luke’s Hospital. This experience allowed him to work with a number of other health providers in which he continues to work with to achieve maximum results for his patients. As a Phoenix Chiropractor he is certified in acupuncture and has helped many patients for numerous conditions, including those which have not responded to traditional medicine. He is the only Phoenix Chiropractor in Arizona who is certified as a Chiropractic Sports Physician and is registered as Level 1 with the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. As a Phoenix Chiropractor he uses multiple techniques and therapies such as kinesio taping, spray and stretch proceedures and active therapeutic movement exercises.  American Chronicle just acknowledged Dr. Berg as a top chiropractor in the U. S. not just as your phoenix chiropractor. Phoenix Chiropractor and north phoenix chiropractor voted best in phoenix.

When looking for the best Phoenix Chiropractor, consider reviewing the testimonials given and review our video section as well as our Success Stories.  Dr. Berg is also listed as one of the “Top Chiropractors” in the “Best Chiropractors in the U. S.” Dr. Berg offers a friendly atmosphere where he invites questions and enjoys helping his patients understand what their problem is and how to address it. As a Chiropractor in north phoenix, thoroughness is valued and you are truly part of our practice. We accept most insurances, but also offer payment plans. Your phoenix chiropractor and north phoenix chiropractor.

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