Kinesio Tape Therapy

Kinesio Tape Therapy

Kinesio Tape Therapy

Kinesio tape therapy allows the stimulation of the skin surface sensory receptors and CNS receptors to be activated. Kinesio tape therapy helps relieve pain or abnormal feeling on the skin and muscles. Kinesio taping is a procedure practiced by Dr. Carmachel in his North Phoenix Chiropractic and North Scottsdale Chiropractic center. Dr. Carmachel has been using Kinesio tape therapy in school and in practice for over 12 years. 

Using Kinesio taping for skin function allows the stimulation of the skin surface sensory receptors and CNS receptors to be activated. Kinesio tape therapy helps relieve pain or abnormal feeling on the skin and muscles. Kinesio tape therapy improves blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces inflammation by creating areas of decreased pressure, under the tape, which allows areas of higher pressure to migrate to areas of lower pressure similar to lymphatic massage and helps in spasms and shortened muscles. Kinesio taping normalizes muscle tone thus increasing range of motion and relieves pain. Kinesio Tape Therapy north phoenix.

What is Kinesio Tape Therapy

Kinesio tape therapy helps with scar mobilization, reduces inflammation, edema and assists in overall joint function. Depending on what muscles you are treating or treatable conditions depends on how much stretch, direction and pattern to use. Usually, kinesio tape therapy is applied to stretched tissue and then applied with 0-50% stretch. Ligament or tendons may require 50-75% stretch. Kinesio tape therapy may be applied to create and gather fascia movement on order to position it in a desired alignment. Kinesio tape therapy may be used for space correction to create more space over the area of inflammation and pain thus taking pressure off of the irritated nerves, and creating greater circulation to the affected area. Kinesio tapping became more popular after Lance Armstrong wrote about it in his book after winning the Tour de France titles.

Excerpt from the published book by Lance Armstrong of Team Postal, winner of five straight Tour de France races, commenting on their use of kinesio tape therapy:

Armstong, L. (2003). Every second Counts. New York, New York: Broadway books. 190-191.

[But Jeff (team Chiropractor) had something better than any laser, wrap, or electric massager. He had the tape. It was a special hot-pink athletic tape that came from Japan and seemed to have special powers.

George got a problem with his lower back. Jeff turned him around and starting putting hot-pink tape on it. George thought, “How can that help?” But the next day the pain had disappeared-it was gone.

We swore by Jeff’s pink tape. He would tape the hell out of anything. You had a tweaky knee? He taped it. A guy would start to get tendonitis and he’d say, “Don’t worry. No problem. We’ll tape it.” We all had pink tape on our legs. Every morning before the stage, he’d do Georges back, Chechu’s knees. Sometimes we’d be so wrapped up in hot-pink tape that we’d look like dolls, a bunch of broken dolls.

One day, Johan went to him and said, “the tape is too flashy. People see the tape, and they think we’re all screwed up.”

Jeff said, “what do you want me to do?”

“Tone down the tape,” he said. “Can’t you get the grey color?”

But the pink tape worked, so we kept it, because it could fix things. It could seriously fix things.]

Kinesio tape therapy review:

Kinesio taping is described as an application that is used for lymphatic/edema correction, ligament/tendon correction, mechanical correction, functional correction, fascia correction and space correction concepts developed by Kenso Kase D.C. Kinesio Tape Therapy with north phoenix chiropractor.

Kinesio tape therapy is not the rigid tape used on many athletes. Kinesio tape therapy is accepted for use on :

  • Skin function
  • Pain function
  • Muscle function
  • Lymphatic/Edema function
  • Joint function
  • Scar mobilization function

Kinesio tape therapy can be used for almost any musculoskeletal problem whether from injuries related to your sport or occupation. It has been used to increase the performance of many athletes around the world. Request a consultation with Dr. Carmachel who treats patients with Kinesio tape at his North Phoenix and North Scottsdale Chiropractic and Acupuncture office.

this article on Kinesio Tape Therapy is informational and not to be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition

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