Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories

Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories of Dr. Carmachel

Over the past 12 years I have treated many patients with different problems and conditions. I have accumulated several post-graduate certifications. Many of the patients I have seen already tried medications, injections, surgeries, physical therapy and even other chiropractors. I have been able to take my background and experience and apply it to the benefit of my patients. The following are a small list of some of the chiropractic and acupuncture success stories I have been privileged to participate in helping their recovery. Chiropractic Success stories by Phoenix Chiropractor.

I saw a patient that had migraine headache for years and was on injectable medications to help control her severe headache pain. She stated that she would walk around in a fog all day and as a nurse this was a concern with the patients she worked with. She was placed on a treatment plan that included chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture. Within a few weeks she started noticing the headaches were lessening and within a short time she was without pain and off of her injections. She was so excited to be off her medications and being able to perform her normal daily activities without pain or being in a brain fog. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories.

I saw a patient who had fibromyalgia so severe she was not able to perform her normal daily activities. She was placed on a treatment plan that involved not only manipulation of the spine and acupuncture, but blood tests were taken that evaluated delayed food hypersensitivities. After a short period of time she was able to resume her dance activities and became more functional with only mild residuals. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories.

I saw a patient who had severe headache pain and after having tests run by a neurologist including CT scans of his brain and spine they concluded his only hope was to manage the pain with medication. He was an athlete and was not able to compete because of the side effects of his medications. After a series of adjustments not only was he able to get off his medications, but he set the state record in the pole vault.

I saw a patient who injured his shoulder and was competing in the U. S. track and field using the shot put. After treating with a series of therapy including ultra sound, interferential current and kinesio tape, he began to improve. With the U. S. track and field trials only a few days away we decided to use kinesio tape to help with his throw. We taped him on Saturday morning and when I saw him on Monday he was excited in the fact he matched his best throw and was ranked third in the country. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories.

I saw a patient who came in for lower back pain after doing normal activities around his home. After evaluation of his spine, I sent him for blood and urine tests because of the lack of objective findings. His urine test revealed a 1+ blood and I referred him back to his medical doctor. The next day he called and said his MD said he was fine and to ignore my findings. Thankfully, he called me and I was able to send him for an IVP and further tests on his kidneys. The final result was he had kidney cancer that his MD was willing to ignore. He was able to be treated and has done well.

I saw a patient that came to me for arthritic pain in his feet. He had seen podiatrist and received medications and orthotic inserts for his shoes. After a year, he continued to experience pain that affected his job standing on a daily basis. We started a program of exercises and acupuncture, but also casted him for Sole Support orthotics. Within a short time he began to feel so good that he was able to resume his normal activities with only mild residuals, saying that his feet had not felt that good in years. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories.

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I saw a patient that had multiple sclerosis for 16 years and getting worse. His goal was to be able to bowl again, but with weakness in his legs and loss of balance it was impossible for him to bowl at that time. We started a course of acupuncture and within a month he started noticing his balance was improving and his leg strength returning. After a few months of treatment, he was able to bowl and on returning from a tournament in Las Vegas he noted that his peripheral vision had also returned. In disbelief his neurologist performed a brain scan.  The neurologist was amazed  and noted that sclerotic lesions in his brain were shrinking. After 5 years he continues to bowl and enjoy a better life.

I saw a patient that herniated a disc in his lower back. He was born with a spinal defect making it more difficult to treat. His father was a medical doctor and was against his son being treated by a chiropractor and strongly suggested he have spinal surgery. The son decided to treat in our office instead and after a series of adjustments he was pain free. His father saw him playing volleyball and asked if he had gone to a physical therapist because he was doing so well. The son responded that he had seen a chiropractor and because of the treatment he was able to resume his normal activities. His father gained a new respect for chiropractic.

I saw a patient who came in because of lower back pain associated with severe arthritis in his back, but also had developed a peripheral neuropathy. He was experiencing burning pain in his feet bilaterally and the treatment by his medical doctor wasn’t working. After a course of treatment here with manipulation and acupuncture his back pain resolved. The pain in his legs and feet became very mild to the point he only experienced mild symptoms in the morning.

I saw a patient who had multiple sclerosis and was relegated to driving a car that only had hand controls. He had multiple sclerosis for years and was progressively getting worse. After instituting a program of acupuncture and nutritional support he began to improve slowly. After a period of several months he had improved so much that he was off his crutches and was able to drive a 4-speed truck. This patient was treated over 25 years with only a few minor exacerbations and was still working when he left us. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories.

I saw a patient who was a nurse at a local hospital who was told she had to receive the flu inoculation because of the patients she cared for. After she was injected with the flu vaccine she developed  a neurological disorder known as Parsonage-Turner’s syndrome. This was causing left sided arm and leg numbness and disability making hard for her to perform her normal assignments at the hospital. She saw a neurologist and was told only to watch for worsening symptoms because there wasn’t much medicine could do to help. She was treated in our office with acupuncture over a period of several weeks and was able to continue working and later on was symptom free.

I saw a patient that was referred to me for lower back pain. She had fallen off a horse and saw her medical doctor who said “not to worry it was only a strained back.” Two weeks later she showed up in my office with an unusual gait. After evaluating her spine and taking x-rays I noticed a suspicious finding. I sent her for an MRI the same day and within a short time the radiologist called and said my suspicion was correct, she had fractured her sacrum. Not only did her MD miss this very important factor but if she had gone to one of the chiropractic offices that only adjusted her spine without evaluating her, she could have been injured even worse. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories.

I saw a patient for a lumbar herniated disc injury. He was born with a very small spinal canal so when the disc herniated there was no room in his spine. He had seen two different orthopedic surgeons that said his only answer was back surgery. Initially, he was helped into our office because he could not weight bear. We were able to get him into a swimming pool to start weight bearing exercises and after a few month’s of aggressive treatment he began to start doing more rehabilitation exercises and was released. He reported  the following summer that he was able to perform a back-pack trip down the Grand Canyon without any pain.

I saw a patient that was an obstetrician and had gone through two back surgeries. She was going to go through another back surgery when she came to our office. After treating her over a period of several weeks she was pain free and made the comment that she had not felt this good for years. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories.

I saw a patient who was the head orthopedic nurse of a local hospital for a disc injury. We were able of help her get relief from her symptoms and afterward she confided in me saying that the reason she came to me instead of having back surgery was that she saw the same patients in the hospital every 3-5 years for more back surgery and didn’t want to be a statistic.

I saw a patient who was going to the emergency room on a weekly basis receiving Demerol injections for severe abdominal pain associated with IBS. After going to Mayo Clinic and being told her only hope was to go through a colostomy to remove her colon and live with a bag on her side, she decided to try acupuncture. On her interview she questioned how acupuncture could help her severe pain when the “best doctors at Mayo Clinic” were not able to help. After receiving several sessions of acupuncture she never had to go the ER again and continued to experience years of relief until she passed on. Chiropractic and Acupuncture Success Stories.

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