Causes of Lower Back Pain


Causes of lower back pain

Causes of lower back pain

Mechanical Causes of Lower Back Pain Phoenix Chiropractor

Any approach to lower back pain must begin by recognizing that there are many conditions that may present as back pain. Mechanical causes of lower back pain represent at least 98% of lower back pain. These diverse causes have many features in common. As an example, postures that load the spine, such as sitting, can worsen the  lower back pain. Phoenix Chiropractor and causes of lower back pain.

Evaluating Causes of Lower Back Pain

When evaluating the mechanical causes of lower back pain there are several possible sources:
Facet joint– the facet joints do have nerve supply and can represent one of the mechanical causes of lower back pain. Ghormley coined the term ”facet syndrome” in 1933to refer to back pain coming from these joints. Facet syndrome has been reported to be the main factor in as much as 15-20% of patients with lower back pain. The pain pattern tends to be lateralized and may refer to the buttocks and the thigh.
Intervertebral disc – the role of the intervertebral disc in low back pain has been examined in several studies. It has been shown that lower back pain can arise from annular tears particularly when they involve the more peripheral fibers. Disc protrusions, herniations and degenerative discs are considered mechanical causes of lower back pain. Disc pain may be subtle in onset or may arise abruptly, particularly with forward trunk flexion and twisting. There may be an audible “snap” or “pop” connected with the onset of acute pain. The pain referral from lumbar discs is usually across the lower back or into the buttocks and thighs.
Sacroiliac joint– mechanical causes of lower back pain can arise from the sacroiliac joints and refer to the lower back and buttocks. The SI joints usually refer pain to the same side of the  lower back or buttock and many times referral pain can be felt in the back part of the thigh or groin.
Spondylolysis/spondylolisthesis – many patients with spondylolisthesis have back pain, but the tissue of origin of the pain is not always known. This condition affects many back tissues placing them under stress. This includes the discs, facet joints, and ligaments of the spine. This pain is typically worsen by extension of the spine and improved by flexion.
Lumbar spinal stenosis – lumbar spinal stenosis is a condition with patients who usually have had several episodes of low back pain. Most symptoms associated with stenosis are in the lower extremities with minimal back pain. These symptoms usually consist of aching pain, numbness, tingling or heaviness in the legs that typically worsens while walking. Trunk flexion or sitting usually improves the leg symptoms. When considering mechanical causes of lower back pain the hip joint and bursa must be evaluated as well. Causes of lower back pain by Chiropractor in Phoenix.

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