Best Exercises For Your Lower Back

Best Exercises for Your Lower Back

What Are The Best Exercises For Your Lower Back?

Before considering the best exercises for your lower back, first what are some of the causes. As a north Phoenix chiropractor I find one of the most harmful activities people engage in is sitting. Erect sitting involves disc pressures considerably higher than that of normal standing. Sitting slumped forward can increase disc pressure even more, and the greatest increase in pressure is connected with slumping backwards. Before using the best exercises for your lower back consider using a lumbar support that can reduce disc pressure and back muscle activity when you sit. Lifting methods are often debated but when a person bends forward and twists at their waist there is a propensity for the back to become injured. Preserving the lumbar lordosis when lifting has shown to prevent more back injuries by activating the musculature and providing neuromuscular control to protect ligamentous tissues. Just as important as using the best exercises for your lower back is your lifting technique. As a result of increased fluid content in the disc after lying down at night , disk bending stresses are increased by 300% and stress to ligaments is increased by 80% in the morning. Thus, the danger of injury during forward bending activities in increased in the early morning. Prolonged flexion, such as in sitting, can render the back susceptible to lifting injury. As a north Phoenix chiropractor I recommend Co-contraction of the back muscles during lifting appears to help redistribute compressive forces on the spine. Best exercises for your lower back information.

The Best Exercises For Your Lower Back are Back Strengthening Exercises

The best exercies for your lower back are accomplished by core strength conditioning exercises. When starting an exercise program for the lower back one must identify the “functional range.” The main goal of any program should be in reconditioning key spinal stabilizers through building strength and endurance while insisting on proper neuromuscular control and coordination. As a north Phoenix chiropractor some of the devices I use are the Swiss ball, rocker boards and other low tech modalities. Back extensions, crunches, bridges are a few that can help strengthen the deep and superficial multifidi and transversus abdominus that are crucial to back stabilization. Stretches for your lower back are necessary to effectively increase the length of connective tissue. To properly stretch a muscle maintain a slow static stretch holding it for 15-20 seconds and release slowly. Bouncing or sudden stretching of a muscle excites the muscle spindle and causes a reflex contraction to a the muscle being stretched. Before deciding on what are the best exercises for your lower back make sure you understand your problem first.

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