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Many people chose fashion over function when buying shoes. When considering what shoes to buy one must also consider what best custom orthotics to use! Footwear is very important for musculoskeletal function whether you are an athlete or just spend a lot of time on your feet. Wearing the best custom orthotics can make a difference in preventing pain in your back, hips, knees and feet. Looking at choosing the best shoe is a personal choice depending on the person’s own anatomy. Most people use a shoe with a slightly curved shape, but if you have flat feet this is where a motion-control or high-stability shoe may be used. High arches usually require a flexible cushioned shoe.
Feet are to the musculoskeletal system what a foundation is to a house. If a person pronates (flat feet) they are more prone to see heel wear on the outside. This can cause compensation to occur in the knees, hips and back leading to pain and dysfuction. Other anatomical differences may occur and to correct an abnormal walking pattern, consider orthotics. Finding the best custom orthotics to fit your anatomical differences means that the foot needs to be evaluated. A person’s weight and activities should be taken into account when looking for the best custom orthotics. A custom orhtotic should be able to alter the angles at which the foot strikes the ground, improving foot functional and often reducing pain.

What are the Best Custom Orthotics

There are many treatments used to treat foot problems. Some of the most common include anti-inflammatory pills, cortisone injections, over the counter inserts and even surgery. When looking for different treatment options one should consider looking at the cause of the problem. If you want to help create an anatomical change, finding the best custom orthotics should be a priority. Using the best custom orthotics is the main way to to improve the functional status when your feet hit the ground. We are a certified Foot Levelers and Sole Supports Practitioner and they have been shown to be superior in peer reviewed literature. I invite you to visit their sites at and to see for yourself.

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