B-Vitamin Supplementation

B-Vitamin Supplementation Slows the Aging Process of the Brain and

B-Vitamin supplementation

B-Vitamin supplementation

Cognitive Function!

One feature of the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing was published in 2010 in the journal of Public Library of Science ONE. In this study the effects of B-vitamin supplementation produced positive effects on various parameters of brain aging and cognitive function. This study of 168 individuals, over the age of 70, evaluated the effects of B-vitamin supplementation with cognitive impairment.
The initial assessment was to evaluate the change in rate of whole brain atrophy on MRI imaging after 24 months of B-vitamin supplementation in contrast to a placebo group. The results revealed a 30% slower rate of brain atrophy and in some patients there was a 53% reduction of brain atrophy. B-vitamin supplementation with Nutritionist in north Phoenix.

Benefits of B-vitamin supplementation on the brain

There are two thoughts that explain the effects of B-vitamin supplementation in reducing brain atrophy and protecting cognitive function. First, the B-vitamins help prevent a rise in homocysteine which causes damage to the brain cells and the blood vessels in the brain. Studies have shown that a higher blood homocysteine level has been linked to accelerating brain atrophy. B-vitamin supplementation is crucial for brain cells to manufacture important neurotransmitters, which are necessary for normal brain function such as attention, memory and focus.
The brain in the elderly shows progressive atrophy especially in patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s. In patients that demonstrate a mild cognitive impairment, studies have shown more of an intermediate rate of atrophy. Without the addition of B-vitamin supplementation people over 60 years of age normally have brain shrinkage of approximately 0.5% per year. Individuals showing mild cognitive impairment  normally show a brain atrophy rate that is twice as fast and Alzheimer’s patients can lose up to 2.5% of brain capacity per year. Research continues to support the need for B-vitamin supplementation as well as nutritional efforts recommended by chiropractors for years. For a nutritional evaluation please call our office for an appointment today!

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