Auto Injury Treatment with Acupuncture


Auto Injury treatment with acupuncture

Auto Injury Treatment with Acupuncture

Auto Injury Treatment with Acupuncture and Chiropactic Care

As a chiropractor in Phoenix treating auto injury accidents, neck and back pain from car accidents as well as patients seeking whiplash pain relief, I have found that combining Chiropractic manipulation with acupuncture has provided excellent results. As a chiropractor in Phoenix performing auto injury treatment with acupuncture we have been able to help those patients that have not responded with traditional medical treatment.

With invention of the automobile, physicians added a new disorder called the cervical acceleration/deceleration syndrome. Neck and back pain from car accidents start with an acute inflammatory phase which may last up to several days depending the severity of the injury. Auto injury treatment with acupuncture is one of many procedures we use to help heal the inflammation and promote healing. Once the acute phase passes the body then starts the repair phase where the tissue goes through a process of collagen synthesis.  Auto injury treatment with acupuncture helps aid recovery during the second phase of treatment known as the repair phase. The last phase is the remodeling phase where muscle strengthening exercise is used to increase the functional capabilities of the tendon or ligament to withstand the forces imposed on it.

Auto Injury Treatment with Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Kinesio Tape, Spray and Stretch Etc.

If you experience a gradual onset of symptoms after an auto injury accident, it may be from muscles that are slowly swelling causing your neck to be painful. Pain upon motion may indicate a joint problem whereas pain upon isometric contraction is indicative of a muscle strain or tear. Treatment for soft tissue injuries should include focus on healing the ligaments, tendons and muscles along with restoring the functional range and capacity of the spine. As a Chiropractor in Phoenix I have found the auto injury treatment with acupuncture in combination with kinesio tape, spray and stretch, rehabilitative exercises and portable TNS units can improve the quality and facilitate the healing of your pain. Understanding the mechanism of the injury helps develop the correct auto injury treatment plan that can vary depending on the injury. Our primary responsibility with any auto injury treatment is to give you the care you need. Our office will submit the required medical reports to the insurance company so your rights are protected and usually there is no out of pocket cost. Please go to “Meet the Doctor” and view our testimonials.

 this article on auto injury treatment with acupuncture is informational and not to be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition

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